Q: What is the deadline for applications?

A: Previously the deadlines for applications was the 16 June 2021 and you may have seen this in previous advertising, however the I4G programme has now changed to an open call. There isn’t a final deadline for applications which means you can submit your application as soon as it is ready, and your project could start even earlier.

Q: How does a grant under I4G programme affect de minimis State Aid?

A: I4G grant funding falls under a separate EU State Aid mechanism (General Block Exemption Regulation) and does not impact de minimis.

Q: Can other public monies I have secured (InnovateUK, Research Councils, etc) be used to fund my project contribution?

A: No. A key reason for the existence of the I4G programme is the encouragement of growth in the Swindon & Wiltshire economy through private sector investment. As a result, other public monies are not an eligible form of match funding.

Q: Can I use an I4G grant to part fund a capital expenditure project (new property/buildings, etc)?

A: I4G supports R&D projects and any capital purchases need to directly relate to R&D. Land/building purchases are not eligible.

Q: Can companies who qualify as an Undertaking In Difficulty (UiD) apply for grant funding?

A: I4G grant funding is provided through General block exemption Regulation (GBER), so the prevailing Undertaking In Difficulty (UiD) tests are required and if a company qualifed as a UiD they wouldn’t be eligible for I4G grant support. We would suggest that if you are unsure if this would apply to your company then do get in touch and our experienced team can advise.

Q: What is the time frame for the financial due diligence checks and will I be liable for additional costs associated with the process?

A: Once the Recommendations Panel recommends that the project moves to the financial due diligence stage, companies will have two weeks to provide the documents requested. The time frame to complete the checks is then dependent on the type of business and grant size. There are no additional costs associated.

Q: What is the cash flow profile? Will there be an upfront payment and then quarterly reimbursement?

A: Payments are quarterly in arrears. Your quarterly report will include details of costs incurred and associated evidence.

Q: Is there anything I need to be aware of with regard to VAT?

A: If your company is VAT registered the I4G fund will reimburse up to 35% of the net amount you spend.

Q: How does a grant under I4G affect my ability to claim the UK government's R&D tax credits?

A: I4G programme expenditure cannot form part of a claim under the R&D SME tax credit scheme. However, it may potentially be allowable under the 'R&D expenditure credit scheme', giving almost 10% back on qualifying R&D costs in addition to the 35% I4G intervention rate. If you are considering a tax credit claim rather than a I4G grant, please note that different rates are offered depending on whether you are profit or loss making (25% or 33%) and that some costs which are allowed under I4G may be ineligible. We recommend approaching an accountant or other specialist for advice.

Q: What size can my project be?

A: We will award grants between £10,000 and £40,000, funding up to 35% of project costs. The information below shows how this is split out. Please note - you are not restricted to applying for the exact values mentioned below, these are reference points only:

Grant: £10,000

Private Match: £18,571

Total Project size: £28,571

Jobs created: 1.2

Grant: £40,000

Private Match: £74,286

Total Project size: £114,286

Jobs created: 4.7