Am I eligible?

If your business has a presence in the Swindon & Wiltshire region and you are making changes to your business that will create jobs you are likely to be eligible.

In addition to creating jobs in the region, your project needs to be delivering one of the below areas:

  • Produce a new product, technology, device, or material
  • Install a new process, system, or service
  • Improve substantially on those already produced or installed
  • Lead to a pre-production prototype of an innovative product, service, or industrial process

The I4G programme will contribute up to a maximum of 35% of total project costs, so you will need to be in a position to cover the remaining 65%. Your project contribution can be made up of a variety of eligible costs, including consultancy, materials, equipment and testing fees.

Capital purchases (excluding buildings/land) and training fees are also likely to be eligible, as long as they directly relate to R&D being carried out. PAYE costs are not eligible. Note that grant funding will be paid quarterly in arrears, after the eligible invoices have been paid and a claim form submitted.

I4G is available for small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and uses the European Commission's SME definition which takes into account staff numbers, turnover and relationships with other enterprises.

Projects will be assessed for eligibility and sent to at least three independent assessors for comments. Final funding decisions will be made by a Recommendation Panel who will take these comments into account.

How to apply